What?!! We have a Preview Link!

Hi! After working on materializing this idea for over two years and creating Kickstarter campaign content around-the-clock for five weeks, I am happy to share a Preview Link with you.


I am waiting for approval from the platform before selecting a launch date. Target week is next week!

Please leave comments in the preview thread. And if you like the idea, sign up below for our newsletter!

Thank you!

Kristie Santa

Who are we? Well, that is mostly just me. But I do have business partners and periodic contributors. I also imagine future employees. We/Us/Our/I/My/Me – these pronouns are considered correct. I use I/Me when the moment feels more personal. 

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My story began during pregnancy when I developed gestational diabetes. I struggled with routine testing because my supplies got scattered and hidden from view. They often were covered by water, hair, and skin products. The situation was gross and worsened when testing trash accumulated on the bathroom countertop. When I got online to purchase a product that would help, nothing was available to suitably fix my problem. So I worked with university professors and nonprofit organizations to create a diabetes testing supply caddy (the Diacad.) The project idea will be on Kickstarter through June 2. Sign up for our newsletter if you would like updates!

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